KeepersChapel secret-cragscleft

Q: How do I get out of these mines?
A: Go to the machine room (fig. 1) and look on the wall to the right. Go thru the 'tube' and around to the broken bridge (fig. 2). You'll have to walk the ledges, then mantle on the edge of the rail to the second level of the mines (make sure you are on the very outer edge of the bridge rail).

KeepersChapel cragsmineholeKeepersChapel cragsbridge
Fig. 1Fig. 2

When you reach the next level, take the waterway or either set of stairs to the tunnels below the factory.

KeepersChapel cragsminewater
Fig. 3

Q: How do I sneak through the factory?
A: This is detailed in the Cragsleft Walkthrough, but it is easiest to take the catwalk (fig.4), staying crouched until you reach the last staircase. Observer the patrol/work station patterns for awhile until you can sneak by to the right, toward the prison level.

KeepersChapel cragsfactory
Fig. 4

Q: Where is Cutty?
A: Cutty is in cell block 4, cell 6. You can overhear this information in a conversation at the top of the stairs leading from the factory to the prison level. The switches are labeled as in fig.5.

KeepersChapel cragscutty
Fig. 5

Q: Where is Basso?
A: Cell block 3, cell #4 (fig. 6 - and yes, he's supposed to be passed out).

KeepersChapel cragsbasso
Fig. 6

Q: Where is Issyst and the hand of glory?
A: Issyst and the hand are in cell block 1, cell # 9 (figs. 7 & 8)

KeepersChapel cragsissystKeepersChapel cragshand
Fig. 7Fig. 8

Q: Where is Namon?
A: Through a low passage in the block 3/4 entrance (fig. 9)

KeepersChapel cragsnamon
Fig. 9

Q: Where is the exit via the barracks?
A: In the top room across from the office, behind the banner on the right wall (fig. 10). It is an exit only in normal and hard settings. In expert it is a small room with some treasure, but you can exit via the guard station in cell block 3/4 entry (fig.11).

KeepersChapel cragssecretexitKeepersChapel cragsexit
Fig. 10Fig. 11

*Try luring the zombies to the Hammerites in the upper mines. It makes for a good distraction, and allows you to get to the factory without dealing as much damage.

*There are a few moss arrows at the bottom of the mine elevator shaft. Use these to sneak into the guard towers in the prison level undetected.

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