KeepersChapel secret-baffords

Q: Where is the entrance to the sewers?
A: Look for a manhole cover (fig.1). Climb down and look for a door with a switch inside. It opens a nearby gate which allows you to emerge behind the wellhouse guard (who has the first key you need).

KeepersChapel baffsewer
Fig. 1

Q:Where is the spider cave under the Manor?
A: As you swim in, look down and to the left (fig.2)in the large round room with the water leaks in the ceiling. (fig.3)

KeepersChapel baffspidercaveKeepersChapel baffroundroom
Fig. 2Fig. 3

Q: Where is the secret passage to the throne room?
A: In the Southern Courtyard, go to the balcony (fig.4), and slash the banner (fig. 5). Emerge in onto the rafters in the throne room (fig.6).

KeepersChapel baffcourtyardKeepersChapel baffbanner
Fig. 4Fig. 5
KeepersChapel baffrafters
Fig. 6

Q: How do I get to the secret counting room I saw from the basement (fig. 7)?
A: It's in the back hallway of the 2nd floor. Go striaght thru the room with the small pool (across from the throne room), and thru the doorway (marked w/ red X)(fig.8)

KeepersChapel baffcountingdoorKeepersChapel baffcounting
Fig. 7Fig. 8

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