KeepersChapel title-thief2

PLEASE NOTE: All of the following resources are for the expert difficulty setting. They also pertain to the patched version of the game (version 1.18), NOT the un-patched version (version 1.07).

All resources compiled by Dave Johnson (Fett). Loot Map assistance by Rob Wong (Old Man). Final formatting by Jonah Bishop. Thanks to all who contributed information or corrections.

The Unwelcome Guest - Thief 2 Demo

Level 1 - Running Interference

Level 2 - Shipping ... and Receiving

Level 3 - Framed

Level 4 - Ambush!

Level 5 - Eavesdropping

Level 6 - First City Bank and Trust

Level 7 - Blackmail

Level 8 - Trace the Courier

Level 9 - Trail of Blood

Level 10 - Life of the Party

Level 11 - Precious Cargo

Level 12 - Kidnap

Level 13 - Casing the Joint

Level 14 - Masks

Level 15 - Sabotage at Soulforge

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