The Guiding Beacon is a signaling device used to control the Masked Servants. It is found only in Soulforge Cathedral in the final T2 mission "Sabotage at Soulforge" and must be used in order to call the servants back into the building before they release their rust gas.

DromEd Object Model khoming1
DromEd Object Model homplug1

There are two types of guiding beacon; one is fixed in place and operated only by Karras (below left), while the other is constructed by Garrett (below right) following the blueprints at the bottom of this page.


  • a: Signal Bolt
  • b: Stage 1 Piece
  • c: Stage 2 Piece
  • d: Regulating Round
  • e: Stage 3 Piece
  • f: Finished Beacon

The components required for the assembly of a guiding beacon are one Signal Bolt (a), a Steel Plate, a Bantam Node, and a Gauge.

  • The Bellowing Machine applies a glassy coat around the centre of the signal bolt, resulting in the Stage 1 Piece (b).
  • This is then rolled with the steel plate to produce the Stage 2 Piece (c).
  • The regulating round is constructed (d).
  • The two are sealed together to produce the Stage 3 Piece (e).
  • This is fused, forming the guiding beacon (f).


BLUEPRINTS: Guiding Beacon

Obtain a Signal Bolt and a Steel Plate from Storage Room 2.

Put the Signal Bolt through the Bellowing Machine in Factory Bay C.

The Stage 1 Piece will be manufactured.

Transform the Stage 1 Piece with the Rolling Machine in Factory Bay A.

The Stage 2 Piece will be manufactured.

Manufacture a Regulating Round (see separate blueprints).

Merge the Stage 2 Piece and the Regulating Round with the Sealing Machine in Factory Bay D.

The Stage 3 Piece will be manufactured.

Put the Stage 3 Piece through the Fusing Machine in Factory Bay E. [1]


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