TDS hammerfactory chalicecell

The cell containing the Builder's Chalice

TDS hammer factory

The Hammer Factory is a forge within the St. Edgar's Church cathedral complex. Primarily used by the resident Hammerites to construct blessed Hammers and other tools. It is explored in detail in Thief: Deadly Shadows, as Garrett makes use of its various machinery in order to steal the Builder's Chalice, a sacred "relic" stored within its premises.

Factory FacilitiesEdit

The factory is also home to the electrical power system, and powers the entire cathedral complex.

TDS sec factory 2

Power generator

TDS sec factory 1

Power monitoring panel

Chalice MachineryEdit

Main article: Builder's Chalice
TDS hammerfactory chalicecell2

The Builder's Chalice with other holy objects, in its cell

The factory holds and protects the most sacred object in the cathedral, the Builder's Chalice "relic", actually an ancient artifact created by the Ancient Keepers.

Security SystemEdit

It is kept in a caged cell high above reach, along with other holy objects. (pictured right). This cell is located within a well-guarded room, with two entrances. Secured by unique and sophisticated machinery, one needs the Holy Symbol and Stamped Gear in order to activate it.

Stamping MachineEdit

The Stamping Machine is used to transform an Unstamped Gear into a Stamped Gear, which can then be used to activate the Chalice's security system. When an Unstamped Gear is placed into the stamping machine, it automatically starts the electrical system, rotating the receptacle and passing heavy electrical current through the gear, thereby changing its shape, transforming it into a Stamped Gear (a process called electrical discharge machining).

TDS sec factory 3

Stamping machine

TDS sec factory 4

Receptacle of the stamping machine

TDS stampingmachine

The stamping machine in action

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