Doctor William Hanscomb was a surgeon at the Shalebridge Cradle, and author of Heat Therapy to Ameliorate Dampness in Hyper-Emotive Patients which detailed his experiments on using heat therapy.[1] He, along with Doctor Sandbridge, were chief members of staff and he was respected by other members of staff.

Sandbridge reminded Doctors Pettihue and Hanscomb, after the Elliot incident, that subjects can not be left alone during heat remedies (in the case of Doctor Hanscomb) and water treatments (in the case of Doctor Pettihue) in order to collect data before, during and after experimental therapies.[2]


  • Case No. 2 - M. Gunter - Case referred to him after being brought in for observation due to suspicions of cannibalism. Experimental treatments preformed went poorly and was deemed unlikely of being cured. Allowed to roam only with an escort, kept well fed and to only use blunted utensils in the meal hall. He also encouraged staff to try to stop other patients from using his nickname of 'Gourmet'.[3]
  • Case No. 8 - V. Elliot - While not in charge of the case, he performed an experiment on her and left her alone in the treatment room. This almost lead to her death. Reprimanded by Doctor Sandbridge after another unknown Patient died.[5]


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