Doctor Hanscomb was a chief surgeon at the Shalebridge Cradle, and author of Heat Therapy to Ameliorate Dampness in Hyper-Emotive Patients. His job was to test out Doctor Sandbridge's curing methods on the patients. His other key role at Shalebridge Cradle was to monitor the patients progress in their treatments.

He, along with Doctor Sandbridge, were chief members of staff and he was respected by other members of staff.

Sandbridge reminded Doctors Pettihue and Hanscomb, after the Elliot incident, that subjects can not be left alone during heat remedies (in the case of Doctor Hanscomb) and water treatments (in the case of Doctor Pettihue) in order to collect data before, during and after experimental therapies.[1]


Recommended Case No. 7 - C. Pins to Doctor Sandbridge.[2]

Almost lost Case No. 8 - V. Elliot when he left her alone after treatment.[3]

Case No. 2 - M. Gunter was brought in by the City Watch under the suspicion of cannibalism, and put under Hanscomb's care. Experimental treatments were going poorly and curing him was unlikely. Hanscomb only let him roam the hospital only with an escort, kept him well fed, and let him stay int the meal hall with blunt utensils only. Also tried to prevent other patients from using his nickname, "Gourmet".[4]


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