TDS healthpotion

A stealable Healing Potion, in TDS

TDS looticon healthpotion The Healing Potion is a magical drink that heals Garrett a few health points when drunk.


Maximum amount in inventory (TDS only): 10


TDS healthpotion heal

The health bar that indicates Garrett's health points, after a Healing Potion, in TDS

  • restores lost health over a period of time
    • T1/TG: 4 health point on any difficulty in 10 seconds
    • T2: 8 health points on Normal and 4 health point on Hard and Expert in 10 seconds
    • TDS: 6 health points instantly
    • TDSm: all lost health points instantly

Tactical InformationEdit

Potion Healing

As the only piece of equipment purchasable from the merchant shop, that restores lost heath, it is needless to say that the Healing Potion is one of the most vital parts of every starting inventory. It is nothing more or less. The most experienced swordsman or archer can kill many enemies and avoid sustaining injury, but in a matter of time he will eventually receive some damage. Even if the player is able to sneak behind enemies perfectly or have decided to play like a ghost and don't alert anyone at all, Garrett can still fall off great heights or trigger a hidden trap completely by accident. The Healing Potions are needed not only for major battles, but for accidents and unintended situations as well. They are, in a way, tools for fixing mistakes. They keep Garrett alive for long enough to complete his tasks and escape. There are other ways to restore health. In Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age, there are Plum-like food items called that can restore a few health points. In T2, food item will randomly heal one point of health. In T2 and Thief: Deadly Shadows, there are water fountains that restore all health points at once. The Health Potion is the only restorative which can be always available.

Healing Potions are best used when they can achieve their full potential, meaning when Garrett has lost more or at least the same amount of health they can restore. There is no mission in Thief where the player can't sneak by everyone, even the Undead, but it would be good to have at least one or even two Healing Potions to be prepared for anything.


TDSm icon healthdraft

The restorative item of T3m is called a "health draft", not a healing potion.