This is the fictional story of a boy named Henry, who was eaten alive by the Hag. It is unusual for a children's story, because the protagonist's death directly results from a good deed which would commonly be rewarded.

The Hag is depicted simply as an old woman in a grey hood. She does not steal skin, but eats everything except bones.[1]

The book can be found on the bed of one of the tenents in Garrett's Building.


Henry and the Hag

Once there was a little boy named Henry who lived with his mother and father. Henry was good most of the time, but

sometimes he disobeyed his parents and went out wandering the streets alone at night.  He was hoping to find food for

his parents who often went hungry to make sure Henry had enough.  One night Henry came upon an old gray lady.

She asked him to help with a bundle which was too heavy for her.  Henry wanted to help the old woman, though he couldn't

see her face under the gray hood.  When Henry stooped to lift the bundle, he did see her face.  It was the hag! When the

hag was done eating him, all that was left of Henry was a pile of bones and clothes.  When his parents found him the next

day, his mother wept, ‘Oh, if only he had listened to me, and not gone out alone at night!'

The End.


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