TDS take holywater

A stealable Holy Water Flask, in TDS

TDS loot holywater The Holy Water Flask is a bottle of holy water that kills undead on contact.

The Hammerites possess the means to bless water with the power to counteract and damage the undead.

There are different applications for holy water, but is primarily used by Garrett to kill undead.

Cost: Cannot be bought, though it is available in certain city locations and [missions.

Available in:


  • Thrown on undead for instant kill
  • Thrown on ground for a holy water barrier
    • Undead will not pass or walk on this puddle
  • Does not hurt humans or other creatures though
  • The holy water will instantly kill all undead that touches it

Tactical InformationEdit

The Holy Water Flask contains a liquid sanctified by the Hammerites for the purpose of protection against the Undead. Unlike in T1/G, this Flask is directly used on undead or on the ground.