The Holy Water Vial coverts all carried Water Arrows into Holy Water Arrows.

The Hammerites possess the means to bless water with the power to counteract and damage the undead. There are different applications for holy water, but is primarily used by Garrett to kill undead.

Cost: 200 gold

Available in: T1/TG (not present in T2 or TDS)


Tactical InformationEdit

Potion HolyWater

The Holy Water Vial contains a liquid sanctified by the Hammers for the purpose of protection against the Undead. Once the vial is used, it automatically is mixed with the remaining Water Arrows, making the otherwise impotent arrows a very effective weapon against Undead. There are however a few restrictions the player must know about. The holy effect lasts for 30 seconds from the moment the holy water bottle is used. If the player runs out of water arrows, the effect stops. If the player changes weapon or puts away the water arrows, the effect stays. If a player uses a holy bottle when he has no water arrows, it is going to be lost. Fire Shadows are a special case, because the regular Water Arrows have the same effect as the blessed ones, so there's no need to spend a Holy Water Vial.

When going to haunted areas, the Holy Water Arrows may prove a cheap and efficient method of killing Undead. But the Holy Water Vials are bound to the Water Arrow supply; one cannot go without the other. There can be two equally possible and irritating scenarios. Either the supply of arrows is good, but the supply of vials is poor, or the supply of vials is good, but the supply of arrows is poor. For 30 seconds, aroung 15 arrows can be fired, as long as there is a constant stream of targets. For regular use, keep the ratio of Holy Water Vial to Water Arrows about 1 to 8 or 10.