Imbris Analects
I Analects3
Special Loot
one in the library or the scribe room, one in the dining hall
Original Owner

Athough it is supposed to be a unique item, there are actually three copies of this book within the Keeper Compound. If the Keeper Council votes Yes, one of them is supposedly moved from the Elder's Library to the Scribe Room. This process does not require the book to be present, however, making it possible for a quick thief to steal it twice. The other sits on a table in the Dining Hall. Evidently, it was added to the mission as a replacement for the Bafford Chronicles, which was left out of the game.[1]

Continuity ErrorEdit

Beside each copy is a scroll detailing the recent arrival of the book from overseas, yet the discussion in the council chamber suggests that the book had been in the library for years. It further states that the book was already moved to the Scribe Room.[2][3]


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