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The Vine, Seen Rightside-up

"Inertia Vine", for lack of a proper name, refers to a unique object found in T1/TG in the mission "The Sword". Constantine's magical blade is seen on display, dangling like the sword of Damocles high above the floor of its chamber, suspended by this vine. The vine itself is anchored to the ceiling like a coral polyp and hangs down in a thick round cluster. It glows slightly and appears to emit small flecks of blue matter through the hole in the ceiling, turning red as they fall. It can be "killed" with five regular sword hits or one Broadhead Arrow leaving no remnant behind. Once the vine is removed, the sword falls onto the platform below.

It is not yet clear whether this is an actual vine, or even a living creature, but its appearance suggests a white stone peak wrapped in vines or roots. Similar structures are encountered in The Maw arranged on a heptagram, each one is bound to an elemental realm in Constantine's ritual.

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