An insect swarm is a collection of small flies which circle a single area. They are sometimes seen circling zombies, sometimes alone, and sometimes are the result of a Bugbeast's bug shot. They do 1 point of damage and will continue to sting Garrett the longer he stays in their midst. Some useful information to remember when dealing with them:

  • May be used as a trap, as insects will sting any living creature that stands in the swarm
  • Can be destroyed with a single shot of Water, Fire or Gas Arrow
  • Can be destroyed with a Mine or a Gas Mine triggered with a Broadhead Arrow or any other moving object.
  • A swarm created by a Bugbeast dissipates itself in several minutes.
  • The swarms are not in places that cannot be avoided. However, they can be ran through quickly to avoid damage.
  • The swarm in Shoalsgate Station is not hostile.

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