Description: Letter from Shaman Woodbine to Reed

Location: Outside the Pagans' sleeping area

PAGbronzebeetle Location

Reed- Keeper them Bronze Beetle with you always.  Bes you never let it out of your sights. Dyan tolded me she

had a visioning it would be stolen from us by a cityfool!  Bes not let that happen.  If you bes need to sleeps, 

then keepers it locked in something nearby – there bes a strongsy chest where we all sleepsies. 

May them Woodsy Lord -them greats and terrible Trickster - bes watching over you, and our precious Bronze Beetle.

Shaman Woodbine


Description: Old diary

Location: Upstairs in the ruined Cobbleton house

PAGcobbleton Location

Monday -

Well, we've made an arrangement with the – well I guess I'll call them the P's, for safety sake.  They'll use our

garden and such, with a fellow named Scythe tending the crops.  Not sure why the wife and I were in such a giving

mood.  But those plums the woman brought were beyond delicious.

Saturday –

Dinner was a disaster.  The spread was first rate, from the garden, but no sooner did we sit when that old biddy 

Lorna screams and jumps out of her chair. Points at the window, saying something was watching her. I tried to calm

her, but then the 'something' let out a yowl. Everyone left in a panic - Harriet in tears.

Monday -

I don't want to worry Harriet, but I daren't go in the garden.  I used to go and check on things, but now I'm an 

unwelcome stranger, and most of the crops I don't recognize.  What do they need all those people for? I asked about 

a hole they were digging, and Scythe gave me a look. Put a chill right down my spine.

Thursday - 

I'm going to confront Scythe.  A man should be able to walk his own garden without fear.  And for what, carrots 

and apples?  This arrangement with the Pagans hasn't worked out, and now it ends. We never agreed to all these 

strangers coming and going! And we never agreed to those horrible things, whatever they are."


Description: A collection of Pagan curses

Location: Rock mound in Woodbine's quarters

PAGcurses Location

Cursings on the Manfools Oh Woodsie Lord, oh Trickster, oh Greens and Leafy King, bes you giver my curses them power

of them woods and the speed of them winds. Giver you my curses them potent of the seas. For the cityman who beated 

his horse.  Be cursing him with them blackening sickness.  I bes burn them cornsilks on that fullsy moon - and whisper

them words that bringers on them bruising. He bes dead by next moon. For the cityman who choppered them trees.  

Be cursing him with them itchings.  I bes offered them mice to the itch ivy patch - and they spirits be finders the

cityman.  First he bes itch and itch. Then soon the madness bes follow. Bes I thanker you, Trickster, greensy father

of us all.


Description: Diary of a young girl

Location: Floor above Woodbine's quarters

PAGdancingmen Location

Mummy doesn't know who the dancing men are, but they come to my window and whisper as I comb my hair in the moonlight.

They know things about olden times. Mummy doesn't know anything.  Dancing men wants me to come with them, but I don't

think Mummy would like it.  I'm hiding my golden comb in my bedroom rafters. Just in case. They wants me to come. 

Give plumsies and teases me. Warm nights coming, and long long summer.


Description: Detective's Log

Location: Rock mound across the channel from the factory

PAGdetective Location

Tonight will investigate multiple reports from the vicinity - nighttime looting, strange chanting, drumming, odd smells,

illegal animals.  Unusual with Stonemarket and St. Edgar's Church so close by.  No need for extra guards, I think I can

handle this one on my own.


Description: Letter from Dyan to Shaman Woodbine

Location: Near campfire in the ruined Cobbleton house

PAGhamstatue Location

Woodbine- Bes you not touch the ruby Hammer Statuette you founded in them ruined factory wall.  Bes it fullsy of 

Hammerhead magics and poison.  It bes curses them earth all arounds it.  Only them hand of them Trickster himself

can takers it away.  I bes feared what would happen if a Pagan touchered it.  Them Hammerheads must have lefted 

it there on purpose to danger us, and tempting us with them golden shines. Dyan


Description: Letter from Shaman Woodbine to all other shamans

Location: On a wall facing the entrance from the sewer and on a post by the passage to the Heartoak

PAGheartoak LocationPAGheartoak Location2

All Shamans- To havering the Jacknall's Paw, first must be done the Ritual of the Root.  None can taker the Paw

without the Ritual – which bes known only to us Shaman.  If them Paw is tookered without the ritual, them Jacknall's

Paw bes will kills they that tookered it.  The foolsy Pugleaf bes deaded this way, in his forgetting. Bes will 

none us ever forget agains.

Shaman Woodbine


Description: The Ritual of the Root

Location: Bed in Woodbine's quarters

PAGjackpaw Location

Givers three gifts in the taproot cave.  Givers them each on the Givering Altar markings .

-- Givers first the water, on the Givering Altar, for the Heartoak to takers for the Paw. 

Bes the First and Olders of the gifts o' the Woodsie.  Bes the water feeders the plants, 

bes the water feeders the birds and the foxers, bes the water feeders the Folk o' the Woodsie.

-- Givers next the moss, on the Givering Altar, for the Heartoak to takers for the Paw.

Bes the Second and Greeners of the gifts o' the Woodsie.  Bes the moss to feeders the trees, 

bes the moss to smooth the earth.

-- Givers last the bloods or the fleshes, on thems bloody marking , for the Heartoak to takers

for the Paw. Bes the Third and 

Greaters of the gifts o' the Woodsie.  Bes the blood, bes the lifers of the man, bes feeders
thems who eat hims and bes keeps

the tellings o' the hearts.


Description: Letter from Shaman Woodbine to Fangwort

Location: Near the fish at far end of tunnels

PAGmapnote Location


Maker you suresy Leafer bes getting them map of them sanctuary to me befores sunbreak.  You not let

him wasting time and hide in them sewers again.



Description: Letter from Shaman Singreen to Cress and Baccy

Location: On rock mound at far end of tunnels

PAGminenote Location

Cress and Baccy- Finders you anyone or anything in them mines that bes NOT a Pagan - thenbes you deading

it and feeder them fleshes to the bloodroots. Bes wemust stayer secreted. 

Shaman Singreen


Description: Diary of a shop assistant

Location: Unused?

I don't understand what is happening to the neighborhood. Custom has fallen off, and the noises at night... 

Where is the City Watch? Was the moon always so large, so bright? Master says we must look for a new location,

and to close up shop.  The valuable things will go in the basement. They can't have got in there, yet.