Basic InfoEdit

Cost: 600 gold in T2 (not present in T1/TG/T3)


  • Making the drinker invisible to everybody else for 10 seconds

Tactical InformationEdit

Potion Invisibility

The Invisibility Potion is an interesting addition to the thief's inventory, introduced in Thief II: The Metal Age. The name is self-explanatory. It supports Garretts stealth skills and makes him entirely invisible even in fully illuminated areas. Once a potion is drunk, the effect is evident in that the Light Gem stays dark, regardless of light or movement. This amazing alchemical cocktail is highly valuable both in practice and in price. However, there are two major drawbacks to this item. The Invisibility Potion renders Garrett fully invisible, but it does not make his footsteps silent. Hostiles will still search for Garrett if he steps on a loud surface while invisible. The potion has one more trick; if a person bumps into Garrett while invisible, they will still fail to notice him. The other drawback, however, is the short duration that the potion lasts. Ten seconds should be enough to sneak past any security, but be very careful not to pop up as a visible target again, right in the middle of a group of hostile characters.

In general, the Invisibility Potions should be used mainly for passing very tightly guarded spots without commotion. If discovered, fall back on cheaper tools like the Flash Bomb or Gas Arrow.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The concept for the Invisibility Potion was considered, but dropped in Thief: The Dark Project development. Reasons cited were that the player could still be heard, and no agreed way to inform the player of that.[1]


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