The Keeper Annals are a set of historical texts, usually relating to a specific event, but also occasionally voicing some of the Keepers' philosophy. Excerpts appear in every game, although in Deadly Shadows the role seems to have been usurped by the Keeper Archives.

By TopicEdit

The knowledge of those who came before could neither be disseminated or destroyed. Its power would be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands, but would also insure against future cataclysm. At that time we chose to maintain it with writings preserved in extant locations.[1]

When we looked at the relics of the Precursors, we saw the height civilization can attain. When we looked at their ruins, we marked the danger of that height.[2]

The Catastrophe:
The ancient corruption was again contained. To do more would have upset the balance, but we knew to remain ever vigilant lest it resurface. Neither the Hammers nor the pagans could be trusted not to meddle.[3]

The most promising acolyte left us, not out of the lesser folly of sentiment, but the greater folly of anger. His heart was clouded, and his balance was lost, but his abilities were unmatched. Even then, we knew to watch him most carefully.[4]

The Dark Project:
The weights in each pan of the balance had increased greatly. As he approached is triumph, our foe had made himself vulnerable. We were unable to directly influence, and could only watch and wait to see whether his pridefully chosen pawn would prove his undoing.[5]

The Artifacts are sometimes called Sentients, as they possess a will of their own, and the ability to act upon their desires.[6]

There are those to whom knowledge is a shield, and those to whom it is a weapon. Neither view is balanced, but one is less unwise.[7]

Our focus shifted to those who presented two faces: one manifest yet false, the other hidden yet true. To interfere directly would bring ruin, still, the glyph warnings were absolute.[8]


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