The Keeper Library is a restricted area within the Keeper Compound, containing the most valuable Keeper books, treatises, guide books, and prophecies, some written with Keeper Glyphs. Only Keepers within the Council as well as elders are allowed into the Library due to the volatile nature of the books and glyphs within. Scribes are permitted into the library when researching under supervision by an elder.

The Library is a relatively small area, divided in two sections: Keeper's Library and the Forbidden Library. The first section of the library has only a ground-floor and one upper-floor, connected together by an elevator and a ladder. The ground-floor has three circular rooms, two being connected by a small corridor and the third room being bigger and with a door glyph leading to the city streets. Each room is filled with books and desks making them research areas for elders. This level also has a small dormitory. As for the upper level, it is directly above the twin rooms and their corridor, but does not have desks in its book rooms because of the circular holes of the floors directly above the rooms bellow. The First Keeper's office is on the upper floor with a good view of the city.

The Forbidden Library is a single tower with three floors. This section is accessible either through the main room of the Keeper Library or by a passage found in the dormitory. On the third floor lies a room where Interpreter Caduca and translator Gamall can be found, but only before Garrett goes after the compendium or its glyph key.

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