Description: A Letter for Garrett

Location: In Caducas chamber

KCambush location

Garrett -  Surprised, are we, to see a note, a paper naming you by your very own name? Are you answering your questions,

or are you simply questioning your answers? I know what you seek, and you seek what I know.


Description: Recovery of the Imbris Analects

Location: On a table in the Dining Hall / On a table next to the entrance to the Lower Library

KCanalects location KCanalects location2

The Imbris Analects finally arrived by ship, undamaged by the salt spray. Our agents were able to secure it, though the

price was quite steep. The captain seemed surprised that the package contained no platinum or diamonds, as he could

conceive of no objects of greater value. It has been brought to the Scribe Room for immediate transcription.


Description: Journal of Keeper Artemus

Location: On Artemus desk in his chamber

KCartemus location

There is indeed something amiss with Garrett, but I am not convinced of his guilt. The prophecies do not lie.  The 

clocktower speaks ill of the future. First Keeper Orland acts hastily. The balance is no longer within him, and I

fear for the future of our order. I could use my Keeper Ring to open the passages leading to his quarters, but 

suppose I found nothing to validate the intrusion? I can only hope that my night journeys uncover something before

I am discovered acting outside protocol. Keeper Morrow has gifted the Order with a set of golden scales. 

It speaks to what we have become, that such a trinket, precious only for its metal, is so valued.

They have been placed on display in the Elder's Library - perhaps I am mistaken, and they will serve to inspire.  

At last, I may have learned something of the one who lies dormant. My investigation may take several days, 

and I must leave without permission.  Will I be the next to be accused of treachery?  It hardly matters.  I do 

not even bring my robes and my ring with me, for fear that if I die, our secrets may be compromised.


Description: Ogilvy's Treatise on Sentients, Section 24

Location: In Caducas chamber

KCartifacts location

To trace the history of the Artifacts is to trace a history of strife and chaos. Where they appear, war follows, or 

catastrophe. Several factions have ascribed a beneficent purpose, or even a religious origin to the Artifacts that fall 

into their hands, but they delude themselves. An Artifact serves no master but itself. To name them 'Artifacts', as if 

they shared one origin or motive, is misleading. Several are sentient, but whether they share a common sentience is 

unknown. They have never gathered in one place. To speculate what might happen is beyond current knowledge - the end of 

the world, or the beginning of something entirely new. Following the movements of these elusive objects is relatively easy, 

as each subsequent owner falls prey to their influences. An exception to this is The Crown, the whereabouts of which is 

unknown. References to it can be found in Pagan mythologies, who believe it was given by the Trickster to an offshoot 

race, though we can find no evidence that this race ever existed.


Description: A letter for Keeper Emory

Location: On a table in the lower library

KCbafford location

Keeper Emory, I spied an initiate reading the Bafford Chronicles in the Dining Hall this eve. Such travesties of the 

written word may have their place in a nobleman's store, but are inappropriate here. The monetary value of this book 

matters not to a scholar. See to it that the book is removed from the hall and destroyed.


Description: A magical flame's description

Location: Keeper Library

KCblueflame location

The Blue Flame

Requires no fuel yet burns without ceasing


Description: Caduca's Chamber plaque

Location: Caducas chamber

KCCaducaPlq location

Caduca's Chambers


Description: Council Room plaque

Location: Council Room

KCcouncilPlq location1 KCcouncilPlq location2

Council Room


Description: Compiled Lexicography, Volume IV: Religion

Location: Caducas chamber

KCdictionary location

Malcontent (Hammer) - A member of the lower class who has publicly spoken against the worship of the Builder.

Malefactor (Hammer) - One who has actively tried to harm the religion of the Builder.  Could theoretically be applied 

to a Hammerite actively trying to harm the religion of the Wood Lord, but not applied to such by the Hammerite church.

Manfool (Pagan) - A non-believer, especially an urban resident.

Mechanist Religion - A schism of the Hammerite Religion (see) formed by the prophet Karras.  The Mechanists were 

characterized by a focus on machinery and technology, and an overwhelming desire to destroy elements of nature. 

After the destruction of their primary cathedral Soulforge and the death of Karras, the religion was disbanded.

See Hammerite Heresy Trials, The for more information.


Description: Dining Hall plaque

Location: Dining Hall

KCdiningPlq location

Dining Hall


Description: Note concerning glyph doors and acolyte behavior

Location: On several doors in the library

KCdoors location1 KCdoors location2 KCdoors location3

Until further notice, all Glyph Doors shall be sealed. Until the Brethren and Betrayer has been dealt with, we 

cannot allow unfettered travel through our compound. Acolytes should take care to travel in pairs, and remain



Description: Dormitory plaque

Location: Dormitory

KCdormPlq location



Description: Library plaque

Location: Elder's Library

Elder's Library


Description: Grand Hall plaque

Location: Grand Hall

Grand Hall


Description: North Tower plaque

Location: North Tower

KCnorthTowerPlq location

North Tower


Description: A letter dealing with Garrett and how he can be of use for the Keepers


I have given the matter consideration. Direct Garrett to steal the Jacknall's Paw from the Pagans, and the Builder's

Chalice from the Hammer fanatics, for study. This will prove him worthy to hear the prophecies, and will reflect well

upon you that directs him, and we will gain valuable knowledge from their secrets.


Description: A Letter dealing with Garrett's motives

Location: First Keeper Orland's chamber

KCnote2 location

I am sure you have been concerned as well as I over Garrett's motives, and I applaud your caution. I advise that you

restrict his access to the upper libraries in particular. Those books are our most prized repositories of knowledge, 

and we cannot risk them being ill-used.


Description: A letter explaining how to take actions against Garrett

Location: First Keeper Orland's chamber

KCnote3 location

Now is the time to act with decision and certainty, and see that things fall as you wish. If you arrange for Garrett to

escape, then Keeper law and custom will brand him a traitor ever more strongly than you can alone. And then you shall 

have no choice but to call for his demise.



Description: A letter to Glyphwarden Ruehan

Location: Next to the entrance to the Scribe Room

KCoddglyphs location

Glyphwarden Ruehan - Have you heard of any further untoward behavior on the part of the glyphs in the Scribarium?  Be sure

to make note of exactly which scribes and which glyphs have proved difficult. Notify me immediately should any further

changes occur.


Description: Passage to Old Quarter


The Old Quarter Passage


Description: Journal of First Keeper Orland

Location: First Keeper Orland's chamber

KCorland location

I wonder if Caduca keeps secrets even to herself. Twice, she has sent me a note with instructions, but said nothing in

council. But she speaks little beyond prophecy. I am not pleased that the Council allows Garrett back into our midst.

He cares nothing for balance, or the knowledge we guard. Even Artemus will rue this decision. I take no joy in being

proven right about Garrett, for it resulted in the death of my most trusted colleague. Had I stood more strongly

against him, Caduca would not now be dead.  And none has the skill to take her place as Interpreter.  Gamall is far

untrained, but she is all we have. I must make arrangements for her promotion. Another note has arrived in the hand

I knew as Caduca's. If it is her - no, that is madness. If not her, then who have I obeyed for so long? Our halls 

are not safe. I am binding the Keeper Door Glyphs shut so all must pass in full view. The Enforcers have had no 

luck destroying Garrett - he has learned more of our secrets than we thought. Tonight, I shall see if I still remember 

the art of the unseen. If Garrett is in the City, I shall find him, and the Enforcers will finish this. With the 

Binding Seal still in place and kept safely in my room, no one may enter through the Old Quarter passage. Only when 

Garrett is dead shall I melt the seal with fire, lest our safety be compromised.


Description: Chronicles of the three Dark Ages


KCpendulum location

The blue flame blazes, the deadly shadows amass, the pendulum swings in wider and wider arcs. Our efforts have garnered

not balance, but chaos, and the Unwritten Times will be upon us. The first sign was mapped out in darkness in the return

of the Trickster. The Eye was opened, and the City seemed sure to fall into madness. The balance tipped from

civilization towards savagery. While the darkness was defeated by the True Keeper, trickery thrown back onto the

Trickster himself, the balance shifted, and the second sign was graven in steel. Iron triumphed over flesh and leaf,

and the Hammer faction stood in full force behind a mad prophet. The machine fell to its own power, and the prophet's

tongue was stilled, but the pendulum swings yet. Both factions, greenwood and machine, will again strive against

each other and the world will turn between them. All will be darkness and shadow, and the future shall be unwritten



Description: Several city reports


City Report, #236

Factional discontent is rising. The pagans, long in hiding, have begun to move covertly, co-opting the weak and unwary

into their schemes. The Hammerite temples have begun to send out patrols openly again, ostensibly to guard against

pagans, but they are not above taking action against other sinners they encounter. 

City Report, #237

Several Hammer patrols have been pelted with garbage and offal; a tavern believed to house a pagan storehouse was burned

to the ground. I renew my recommendation, that a concerted effort be made to turn both Pagan and Hammerite energies

elsewhere, before it is too late.

City Report, #238

At all times of the day, honest citizens fear to walk alone, lest they be mistaken for one faction or another. 

First Keeper Orland, you cannot continue to ignore these reports because they are inconvenient! The wrong catalyst 

might throw the City into open war. This is not balance, but chaos. Where are we?


Description: Scribe Room plaque

Location: Scribe Room

KCscribeRmPlq location1 KCscribeRmPlq location2

Scribe Room


Description: Hall of Statues plaque

Location: Hall of Statues

KCstatuesPlq location1 KCstatuesPlq location2

Hall of Statues


Description: Letter from First Keeper Orland to Keeper Kasadra


KCthreesigns location

Keeper Kasadra - I am anxious to see what is happening in the City of late. Bring me a copy of your reports as quickly

as possible. Artemus will use his Keeper Ring to provide you access to the passages leading to my quarters.

-First Keeper Orland


Description: Plaque pointing towards Caduca's chambers

Location: Caduca's chamber

KCtoCaducaPlq location

to Caduca's Chambers


Description: Plaque pointing towards the Lower Libraries

Location: Elder's Library

KCtoLowerLibPlq location

to Lower Libraries


Description: Plaque pointing towards the Hall of Statues

Location: Hall of Statues

KCtoStatuesPlq location

to Hall of Statues


Description: Note on how to deal with transcriptions and compendia

Location: Dining Hall

KCtranscriptions location

Transcription of received volumes must be current, with at least three true copies of all new works, and four true copies

of Compendia. Acquisition of knowledge is an arduous journey; to lose what we have learned takes but a moment. The 

brethren and betrayer seeks to destroy all that we have. Do not let sloth become his ally.


Description: Note on the Third Dawn

Location: North Tower

KCnorthTowerPlq location

The coming of the Third Dawn shall be seen upon the land as the beginning of the end, as the opening of the Unwritten

Times.  The order of the glyphs shall be touched by the ancient and the wretched, and the words of the glyphs shall unwind.