Description: Coal dispenser plaque

Location: Above a lever across from the Foreman's Office.

CLKcoalPlq Location

Coal Dispenser


Description: Foreman's Office plaque


CLKforemanPlq Location

Foreman's Office


Description: Instructions how to halt the gears

Location: Beside the front door (to Stonemarket Plaza).

CLKfurnace Location

Take heed: If thou must halt the gears, then thou MUST slow their speed before thou use the Halting Mechanism.

NEVER use the Halting Mechanism with the Coal Dispenser Lever thrown and the Steam Pressure Valve closed, or the

gears wilt be thrown from their track. The gears art powered by the steam of the boiler. If thou must start the

furnace cold, pull thou the lever for the coal dispenser, only until such coal as needed hath fallen. Leave not

the dispenser open, or the furnace wilt burn too hot and the gears spin too fast and mark the time too quickly. 

The Steam Pressure Escape Valve shouldst be closed only when thou dost clean the mechanism. Closing the valve wilt

prevent excess steam from escape, then the pressure wilt build greatly. Therefore, thou must not close the valve

whilst the gears art turning, lest they spin too fast and mark the time in error.


Description: Halting mechanism plaque


CLKhaltingPlq Location

Halting Mechanism


Description: Hammerite's daily routines


CLKmemo Location


Thy time is not thine own – it needs must be devoted to the great work of our Order. When thou taketh thy repast, have

care that thou dost not congregate with thy fellows, lest thou lure thyself and thy fellows into delay. Proper time

for prayer mayst be taken at dawn, at noon, at eventide, and at night.


Description: Old Hammerite tale

Location: On the altar, second floor.

CLKprayers Location

And then came the Builder to the forge of the smith, and watched He and listened.  

Didst then the smith put an ingot upon his anvil, and lift his hammer, and didst then the Builder breathe upon the

ingot, that it became gold.  Then didst the smith cry out 'What hath become of my good and fine iron?  How canst 

I forge a blade, or a tool?  This hath much worth, but no worthiness.'  And didst then the Builder breathe upon the

smith, that he lay down his hammer and his body, and didst come to stand by the right hand of the Builder for all time.


Description: Repair reports


CLKrepairs Location

Iron three-gauge gear, central pendulum control, stripped. - Hath replaced. 

Iron piston,  second counterweight, bent. - Hath replaced. 

Single high chime, untuned.  Hath retuned. 

Iron three-gauge gear, central pendulum control, stripped. - Iron unsuitable for pendulum control.  Replaced with diamond gear. 

Alto chime reported by striker as too soft. - Hath cleaned and increased hammer speed 

Emergency steam valve, corroded. - Hath replaced. 

Bass chime, untuned. - Hath retuned.


Description: Steam release plaque

Location: Above steam-pressure wheel in corner room, basement.

CLKsteamPlq Location

Steam Release


Description: A Hammerite note


CLKwar Location

In the coming days, the Builder's wrath shalt smite the pagan heretics. Some wilt go to Fort Ironwood in Old Quarter, 

some wilt remain here, that the clock lose no second of marked time. 'Tis a worthy thing to strike for the Builder, 

but 'tis also a great and worthy thing to shoulder the burden of two, when thou do His work.


Description: Journal of Father Debole

Location: On Debole's desk, living quarters.

CLKwinejournal location

Any smith canst divide an ingot into twenty and four pieces of equal weight. Any forger canst split a rod into 

sixty shavings, set them to a bolt. 'Tis good work, but common. Only these brethren, in mine keeping, canst split a

day into twenty and four pieces, canst split an hour into sixty shavings of equal time.

He hath set his will, not 'gainst our success, but 'gainst our sloth. So must we be shaped ever stronger in His forge.

But 'tis at times overmuch for me, and I seek the remedy I hath purchased for myself at great cost. The alchemy of

time hath made of the grape a solace for the Builder's trials - none but mine own lips shalt taste of it.

To name myself, His tool, as greater than the work - 'twas Karras's folly and sin, and I shalt not follow that path.  

'Twas also the folly of Greidus, and 'twas punished for it, for no sooner hadst he issued invitation to all to witness

as he drank from the Chalice, then wast it stolen away.