Kurshok Crown
TDS kurshok crown large
Also known as
The Crown
600g in art
Created by the Trickster and bestowed upon king Gruliac
Previous Owner(s)
each Kurshok king from Gruliac onward, the Wieldstrom Museum if sold
Known Power(s)
First Introduced

TDS kurshok crown loot

The Kurshok Crown is one of the five artifacts or Sentients, which activate the Final Glyph when placed into certain "receptacles" built into the City.


The Pagans and the Kurshok revered the Crown as a holy artifact. During ancient times when the Kurshok civilization was at its peak, the Crown was offered to the beloved Kurshok king Gruliac by The Trickster as a symbol of his everlasting love for his kind. Gruliac became infatuated with the Crown by simply wearing it, and declared himself above the Trickster god. As punishment for this blasphemy the Woodsie Lord banished Gruliac's people under the earth, and fought the king in order to reclaim the artifact. Gruliac managed to prevent the Crown from being taken at the cost of losing his hand in the fight.[1] It is never explained how it became one of the Sentients.

At some point, Keeper Rafe had located the Crown on his expedition to the Sunken Citadel, but was too preoccupied to examine it.[2] During TDS, the pagans are making another attempt to steal the Crown and return it to the Trickster.[3] While searching for the Glyph Key, Garrett decides to take it back with him.


If sold previous to the mission "Still Life with Blackjack", the Crown is relocated to the Wieldstrom Museum, where Garrett must steal it a second time to activate The Final Glyph and destroy all glyph magic. If kept, however, the Crown display and nameplate remain in place, the only alteration being a Cat Statuette in place of the Crown (which should not even be known to the public in this case). The Crown needs to be placed at the base of the Stonemarket Clocktower.


  • Along with the Jacknall's Paw and The Eye, The Crown can be classified as being a Pagan artifact.
  • it is unclear as to why this particular Sentient, with a pagan origin had to be placed onto a Hammerite monument such as the clocktower.
  • In Thief: Deadly Shadows Mobile, it is misspelled as 'Kershok Crown'.


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