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  • Thief: The Dark Project - TDP, T1, The Dark Project, Thief, Thief 1
  • Thief Gold - TG
  • Thief II: The Metal Age - TMA, T2, The Metal Age, Thief 2, Thief II, Dark Project II
  • Thief 2 Gold - T2G
  • Thief: Deadly Shadows - TDS, T3, Deadly Shadows, Thief 3, T:DS, DS
  • Thief: Deadly Shadows Mobile - TDSm, T3m, Thief 3 mobile, TDS Mobile, T:DSm
  • T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age - T2X, Shadows of the Metal Age, Thief 2 Expansion (Fan-Made)

Inside the games:

  • Dromed Unit - DU
  • Player Character - PC, player, thief, Garrett
  • Non-Player Character - NPC, AI

Fan world:

  • OM: Original game Missions created by the developers of the Thief games.
  • FM: Fan Missions created by modders for a Thief game / game engine.
  • LGS: Looking Glass Studios, the company that created the Dark Engine games, including the first two Thief games.
  • ISA: Ion Storm-Austin, the company that created the third game in the Thief series.
  • TTLG: Through The Looking Glass, a website dedicated to the gaming legacy of Looking Glass Studios, Ltd.

Editing ActiclesEdit

  • No profanity please.
  • Please sign all edits and comments.
  • Please reference the Resources
  • No reversion/edit wars, use talk pages.


A Style Sheet for the Thief WikiEdit

Article FormattingEdit

  • Text should be LEFT justified.
  • Links per page: a max of one per section, one per page if sections are small.
  • If the page is part of a list it should link back to the parent page.
  • Articles should be written in the PAST tense.

File NamesEdit

  • If the file has to do with a specific game and may be ambiguous, use (T1,TG,T2,TDS, TDSm) as a PREFIX.
  • If the file is from a game it the given file name should be incorporated.

Page NamesEdit

  • If the page has to do with a specific game and may be ambiguous, use (T1,TG,T2,TDS, TDSm) as a PREFIX.
  • A template for Fan Mission names and content is HERE
  • For characters named "title A B" the page name should be "B, title A"


  • Standard naming and content is American English.
  • Alternate spelling pages should be redirected to American English article.
  • Use standard ASCII, especially with the evil apostrophe '

Editing RemarksEdit

  • sp - spelling corrected
  • gr - grammar corrected
  • EC - edit conflict
  • raw - unedited data

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