Lt. Hagen, of the City watch, had written a couple of letters which can be read when visiting the Shoalsgate Station.[1]

M04B04 location

Hagen's note to the Jail guards

I have ordered that murderer Schmidt be left in solitary to rot and that no one venture near him. I want him to suffer as much as his Victims did.
  — Lt. Hagen

This note featured on a desk in the jail guards. It cannot be picked up.

M04B07 M04B08 M04B13 location

Hagen's note to Truart

Sheriff Truart,

I must insist that you pay closer attention to the activities of the Warden Affairs Division. I know how highly you regard their work, and I readily admit that they have shown very impressive results. However, I must point out that their arrest records indicate they have been avoiding certain Wardens. Whenever evidence is presented against those Wardens, it mysteriously disappears from Evidence Storage even though the stationed guards assure me that no unauthorized evidence leaves the area. Respectfully, Lt. Hagen

  — Lt. Hagen

This letter appears in Sheriff Truart's trash can.


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