Prostitution in this city is a huge problem, and I plan on cleaning it up,

so you should keep a low profile.

  — N. Druart to Mme Volari

These are the messages written by Sheriff Truart.



  • M04B01 This letter to LT. Mosley states that a key to the vault and Secure Records room has been entrusted to her.
  • M04B11 - Immobile - A letter to Mosley regarding two issues: the disappearances from the evidence vault and Mosley's inadequate handling of the Pagan situation.
  • M04B09 A letter in response to M04B07 from Lt. Hagen regarding the stolen evidence and its relation to the Warden Affairs Division. Truart replies that there is no connection between the two and advises Hagen to stay away from Warden Affairs.
  • M04B22 A letter to Lt. Mosley, integrates the contents of M04B01 and M04B11 (above).


  • M06B08 A letter to Karras, evidently in response to a message regarding Truart's failure to arrive at their scheduled meeting place. In this correspondence, Truart explains that he was denied entry by the Mechanist guards.


  • M9B06 - Immobile - An incriminating letter to Madame Volari, advising her to be cautious and revealing much about his relationship with her. It is signed "Norman Druart", a pseudonym used for all of Truart's disreputable letters.



  • M04B02 - Immobile - A note to all Watch Officers at Shoalsgate Station regarding the decision to outlaw Paganism.
  • M04B03 - Immobile - A notice posted in the Shoalsgate mess hall informing employees of current events. Mentioned here are the completed installation of the new security system, the newly established Secure Records room, the City Watch Ball, and the proper use of the dumbwaiter.


Not In Game:

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