You were correct in recommending Tol Camrick and Sons for our recent 

contracting needs. Their craftsmanship is truly remarkable, as evidenced 

by our new armory door -- it's made of pit-forged steel, interwoven with 

black iron and coated with a titanium resin...or something like that. 

The sun itself could not blast that portal open.

In the unlikely event that we are attacked, the men should come to one of us 

to gain access to the armory. (Remember the thirty-day siege at Castle Morendrum, 

old friend? Ah, now those were the days!) It is truly a shame that the men 

must be kept from the very tools of their profession, but such blatant misuse 

of gas arrows simply cannot be tolerated. Alas, that poor Burrick....

-- Mollick


Master Guest List:

Dorcas Goodfellow -- In Attendance

Lord Bafford -- In Attendance

Madame Deniere -- Declined Invitation (Pagan sympathizer?)

Lord Gervaisius -- In Attendance

Ramirez -- No Response

Sir Christopher -- In Attendance

Marie Eleanora -- In Attendance

ArchDuke Damor -- In Attendance

Pernillious Pennybuckle, esq. -- In Attendance

Master Willey -- In Attendance, but quietly escorted off 

 tower grounds (wanton drunkenness)

Duchess Alexandra Kurenov -- In Attendance

Lady Louisa -- In Attendance

Squire Shaunus -- Declined (touring with the city's rumpleball league)

Lady Van Vernon -- In Attendance

Joseph Fieldstone -- In Attendance

The Bumblesons, Winifred & Archibald -- In Attendance

Thistlewell -- In Attendance

Evelle de Ravencourt -- In Attendance

The Rothchilds, Frederick & Penelope -- No response (misplaced invitation?)

Sir McAllister Crom -- In Attendance

BrandyRidge -- In Attendance

Madame Robilard -- In Attendance 

Lord Carlysle -- In Attendance (Retired Early)

Lord and Lady Rumford -- In Attendance

Sir Allard McCrellis -- In Attendance

Bandly Rofthoffer -- Declined (on holiday in Shalebridge)


Friend Vilnia,

Note thee well the following. 'Tis the final listing of the voice machines. 

Make it thy task to be sure the Servants have them placed and working before 

the arrival of tonight's guests.


Voice Machine 1 -- Central Concourse

Voice Machine 2 -- Library

Voice Machine 3 -- Chapel 

Voice Machine 4 -- Dining Room

Voice Machine 5 -- Gallery

Voice Machine 6 -- Ballroom


Further, forget not the machine for our special guest.

 -- Karras


Star gazer's journal, 67th evening of observation

I can stand it no longer. Since my first examinations of that distant globe, 

that glorious blue jewel, I knew my time here in the city was at an end. For how 

could I possibly remain content in this quagmire of filth, corruption, and 

religious fanaticism when there exists a whole new world just within reach, 

ripe for exploration?

The means of my departure is almost within my grasp, despite a recent setback. 

Brellick was a fine young servant, and a dedicated laboratory assistant. Oh, 

the anguish, as I removed his entrails from the plaza's great statue! And, worst 

of all, I realize it was my miscalculations that cost the lad his life.

How could I have been so stupid! The scientific principle is sound, I am sure: 

Using my patented sunburst device -- an explosive of the highest magnitude -- a 

thick wooden box can travel the distance needed to reach the stars. How foolish 

of me to forget the protective layer of lead!

But the past is exactly that, and it's time to move on. I have hired a new assistant, 

a drunken old crone name Hilde, who will make the test flight. The sunburst device 

will simply be placed under the box and ignited from a distance, and Hilde will 

soar to that beautiful new world!

Once there, she is to communicate with me via smoke signal when it is safe for me 

to proceed. She is, of course, a bit nervous about the proceedings, but a pint 

of aged gin should be enough to put her fears to rest.

To the stars!


Mr. J.B. Tuttleshank, Supervisor


Trigger Control For Wall Safe Alarm


Horticulturist's Log

-- Growing a new strain of mushroom, supplied by my new friends. They actually 

give off a substantial amount of light. I'm considering abandoning the powered 

lamps and replacing them all with mushrooms. I can imagine the look on Theodore's face!

-- Longdaddy has proven to be quite the gardner's assistant. Today he intercepted 

a carrion diver that was headed right for the rhododendron. Those little buggers 

have destroyed more of my plants than I care to remember. I may just let Longdaddy 

web up the entire eastern end of the greenhouse if it will stop the insects from 

getting through.

-- I've been contracted out to build an enormous terrarium for Thistlewell. Ah, the 

rich and their luxuries.

- Anna


The New Scripture of The Master Builder (draft, page 35)

The Builder smiled on the things Karras had done. Out of devotion, He had invented 

many machines, and these machines now served Him well. He had transformed wretched 

humans into agents of The Builder's will, controlled directly by the influence of 

Karras' machines. These were called Servants, and they had been embraced by those 

in the city who considered themselves superior because of the wealth of their coffers 

instead of their spirits. These same people had beamed at Karras with one face but 

with another face smirked amongst each other and shared affronts.

For this Karras had once detested them, but He saw now their role in the Builder's 

Plan. In all these things Karras had forged the tools that He would use to bring 

the Builder's Paradise to the world. The Builder looked upon these tools as Karras 

made preparations to put them to use, and His gaze showed favor, and Karras felt the 

Builder's hands upon Him and the Builder's strength helping Karras carry His burdens.


Crimshaw! Lock the receipts in the safe this time, or you'll taste the lash! 

Though I can't prove it, I suspect one of the night watchmen of having sticky fingers. 

If not every penny is accounted for in the morning, it will come out of your backside.

And another thing -- Don Valencia will be by in the morning to pick up his diamonds. 

Make sure you log the transfer and extend every courtesy we have available. Valencia 

is a client I do NOT want to lose!

-- Tuttleshank


Whosoever finds this note, I bid thee farewell, for I no longer dwell in your 

domain of fetid flesh. My essence is now forever preserved in the Plane of Earth, 

beyond the reaches of fear and Fire. I owe my transcendence to the Book of Ash, that 

tome of legend I recovered so long ago from the sands of long forgotten kings. Within 

its pages lie the secrets of life, death...and undeath. The Hand forbade its study, 

for it drove so many into madness, but I have succeeded where others have failed. 

But be warned! The truth is hidden from the unworthy. Blacken thy heart, or face 

the prisoners of flesh. 

-- Azaran the Cruel



The guard on the office door shalt be changed upon every three hours, though I trust 

that our guests shall not be curious enough to attempt entrance. For further precaution, 

however, Father Karras hath entrusted me with the sole key.

Most of the alarms and watchers that protect the tower hath also been disabled, to prevent 

our guests from causing any mishaps. While I expect the nobility to mind their manners, 

remain thou ever vigilant.

-- Friend Vilnia



 Agloras Coranth!

 Kaglimorex thelorun asu

 enlien Balmrorven agror.

 Kalu Fendith? Kalu Kalid?

 Akilno! Akilno Cleas!

 Po walnarus veor.

 Sigliop ulanis friopic,

 ru phulin Gorax!

 Hakannen bxs'hanthu

 jiollux plenfanth, er

 hujeris feroth.

 Phir tun Ferunith!


Mr. Garrett,

I apologize for my inability to serve your particular needs, but at this time I simply 

lack the supplies you require. But I do know where a man of your particular...skills..

.might acquire a few useful tools. Castle Carslysle in Dayport has a well-stocked armory, 

complete with the finest arrows and explosives. Getting into the armory may be difficult, 

though. Rumor has it that Carslysle has installed a new security door, and the thing is 

immune to everything from lockpicking to battering rams. Still, a man of your reputation 

should be able to circumvent such challenges, no? 

-- Rudyard



Got some news for ya. A guy named Valencia just entered Dayport, and he's only there for 

a couple of days. He's some kinda diamond with rough stones. Well, 

while he's in town, he's storing a pouch of uncut diamonds at the Dayport Trader's Bank. 

Security there is supposed to be pretty loose -- hell, the place is on the top floor of 

one of them marble buildings, so they must not expect any company, if you know what I 

mean. Should be fairly straightforward, if you take the 'thieves' highway.'


The New Scripture of The Master Builder (draft, page 3)

And so Karras did set quill to paper to record His accomplishments, the most important 

of humankind before Him and certainly after, performed in the service of the Master Builder. 

And at that time, none could know this Scripture and Karras could not read from it during 

His sermons, for he knew that humans, even His followers, in their weakness would not 

rejoice and celebrate as Karras had at the good news of the Builder's Paradise. Because 

humans were flawed, they would fail to understand. 

It was only Karras who truly knew that humans were an invention of the Master Builder that 

they might invent the Builder's Children to please Him. In the soft whirring of the clean, 

oiled gears of the Children around him, Karras heard the deafening roar of their approval.

(note: I shall need to take pains in collecting these materials together again… in my urgent 

press to capture events that pass and my thoughts on them, I have writ passages in many of 

my chambers, and at present I cannot return to collect them… nor shall I trust another to 

collect them for me)



We hope the information we have provided you thus far has been useful. You do well to seek 

information at Angelwatch. But beware! All is not as it seems at the Mechanist tower, and 

Karras is more aware of your actions than you may think. Still, there are ways to outwit him.


Recharge Station Control

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