This large addition was introduced to The Sword with the release of Thief Gold. The area is an expansive extension of the already quite large mission. It is accessed through the stream which runs through the indoor gardens of Constantine's Mansion.


Tiny WorldEdit


Tiny Town

This area is a wide enclosure hewn out of red stone. The waterfall draws from a deep but very narrow channel which runs through the center of the ground. To the east is a crude stone circle containing a minuscule Breath Potion.

To the south, the river winds through a miniature village consisting of eight simple houses and two bridges, all surrounded by normal-sized trees. A strange high pitched melody of ringing bells can be heard in this region.

A large pool of water lies beyond the wide stone ledge on the east side. The large drainpipe at the far end is the entrance to giant world.

Giant WorldEdit

LB Livingroom

Humongous House

This section of the map is a giant two-room house and the largest open region in the mission. Humans are about the size of a mouse if put on the same scale. The player enters via the sink, which is cluttered with kitchen knives and travels NE across the living room. The only loot in the area consists of two gold coins inside the couch. Although very large, these are only worth 10 gold.

In the next room is a desk with a giant note upon it, seeming to indicate that this is Constantine's actual living space. A large partition to the South separates this from the bed chamber which contains a partially open footlocker and a spider-infested bed which is unusually short for its scale. In the Southern wall is a large hole which gives access to a tall narrow crawlspace which must be ascended to reach the exit.


There are various secret areas in this extension. Most are easily found but, due to their height, can be very difficult and dangerous to reach and often yield meager rewards. The guards here do not pose any considerable threat, as they are easily evaded and have no ranged units.

LB walkthrough1

The stream flows from a barred drain in the passage leading to the interview room. Protruding like a tongue from one of the carved faces is a small button which opens the drain. The stream flows through a winding cavern and ends with a backward-flowing waterfall in tiny world.
LB walkthrough2

In the stone circle is a breath potion. Proceed south to tiny town.
LB walkthrough3

The patrolling guard has a Healing Potion on his belt. Over the wall to the East is the drainpipe which leads to the sink. The Gold Ring resting in the bottom of the trap is not actual loot.
LB walkthrough4

After climbing onto the rim of the sink, the player may rope-climb up to the top shelf directly above (indicated with red markers), where a Water Crystal can be found in a pot of water. Jump over the gap to the table and from there descend onto the stool.
LB walkthrough5

Both the water dish and the shelves on the adjoining wall can be reached from the stool. The dish contains three water crystals and provides a safe landing. On the carpet nearby is an almost invisible rope arrow. A rope (in red) hanging over the far end of the shelf allows the player to reach the upper shelves with difficulty.
LB walkthrough6

Next to the spool is a pincushion with three more rope arrows. The matchbox on the opposite shelf contains four Fire Crystals.
LB walkthrough7

Two Earth Crystals are embedded in a block of cheese on the coffee table. One couch cushion is pulled forward leaving a considerable gap.
LB walkthrough8

Two coins rest in the long groove behind the cushions. A die provides a step for the player to exit.
LB walkthrough9

Travel through the doorway at the far end of the North wall. By rope-climbing the wooden chair, the player can read the giant note (updates objectives) and collect two water crystals from the inkwell. Head South around the door.
LB walkthrough10

On the other side of the partition is a Speed Potion near a skeleton caught in a mouse trap. Two Yellow Spiders guard the mattress, which has three earth crystals concealed by the pattern of the sheet.
LB walkthrough11

A few well placed rope arrows allow the player to enter the footlocker which contains three more rope arrows and two noisemakers. Continue south through the hole.
LB walkthrough12

Rope-climb to the uppermost plank and enter the passage at the Northern extremity. Press the button on the wall to open the trap door to exit.
LB walkthrough14

If not already done, collect the Gold Candlestick from the wall/floor (50 gold).

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