• Metal lock
  • Bronze lock
  • Silver lock

The Locking Mechanism, or Gear Lock, is a device manufactured by Cid Capezza for the Mechanists. It functions as an advanced door lock and has been installed in the recording studio of T. M. Blackheart[1] and in several locations in the Truart Estate [2]. The "key" to this lock is a thin gear that slides into the bottom of the lock[3]. Once used, the gear cannot be removed, either as a disastrous oversight on the part of Capezza, or simply a gameplay mechanic, on the idea that a player would not want to lock a door they just opened. No locks of these kind can be found on Markham's Isle, in Angelwatch, or around Soulforge Cathedral.

There are three types of locking mechanism, distinguishable by their gears: the more common Generic Metal Gear Lock has dusky gray gears, the Bronze Gear Lock has well polished brown gears, and the Silver Gear Lock has well polished gray gears. Each is unlocked only by its corresponding gear type.

Garrett can only have one of each gear in his inventory at a time; additional gears will disappear when taken.


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