This is the instruction manual for Garrett's Lock Picks. The scroll is free with their purchase from Farkus Functionals in the TDP/TG mission "Assassins". Although Farcus' instructions are allegedly a preventative measure against "angry thieves", they are actually instructions to the player on how to use the items.


Lockpick Instruction Manual

To use a lockpick, use-and-hold it on a locked door for a few seconds. The

handle of the door will move slowly to the open position, and you'll hear a

continuous clicking, until the handle turns and the door pops open.

If you hear only a single short click, try using the other lockpick

If the handle jiggles but ends up only moving part of the way, you'll need

to switch lockpicks, and continue picking the door. You may need to switch

picks more than once.

If neither lockpick works, it means that the lock cannot be picked, and it's

time to go find the key.

Note that you must be quite close to a door to pick it, closer than you need to be

to open it normally.