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Lord Bafford's Scepter

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Lord Bafford's Scepter
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Valuable Quest Item
throne room
Original Owner

Bafford's Scepter is a precious antique imported from Bohn. It is three feet long and carved from weirwood with burnished copper and a six inch jewelled head of Cloudstone.[1] Lord Bafford keeps it on a shelf in a throne room on the second floor of his manor. This, his prized possession, is heavily guarded at all times to ensure its safety from his servants.

TG B02 05

Detailed Drawing of the Scepter

In the Early stages of The Dark Project, Garrett breaks into Bafford's manor and steals the scepter to sell it to his fence, Cutty.[2] This job becomes a topic of conversation among the members of the Downwind Thieves' Guild.[3]


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