Lord Randall's Sapphire Vase
DromEd Object Model saphvase
Valuable Quest Item
upstairs gallery
Original Owner

Lord Randall's sapphire vase is a very valuable item and the former pride of his collection. It has the appearance of a small blue goblet, seemingly carved out of solid gemstone, and set on a spangled gold base. The Downwind Thieves' Guild stole it and his silver bracelet while doing a job on his residence.

This vase is reputedly worth more than the rest of the score combined.[1] Because of this, the two heads of the Downwinders, Donal and Reuben, are at a standstill as to who should keep it, leading to a lot of tension between the Downwinders from Reuben's group and those from Donal's. Meanwhile, the vase sits in a wall safe hidden in Donal's Mansion, and the only key is secreted away behind a sliding wall panel in the master bedroom of Reuben's Mansion.

Garrett, who had been planning to steal the vase himself, sets out instead to break into the Downwinders' secret hideout and take the vase while the two groups squabble.[2]


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