This person lived during the time of the Catstrophe.

Keeper Lukas was a Keeper who spent time in the Keeper Grotto during the time of the outbreak of undead in Old Quarter. He grew concerned by the events he saw unfolding, and despite the Keepers' policy of non-interference, felt that intervention in this case was necessary. To this end, he sent a letter to Keeper Andrus expressing his concerns[1]. Andrus responded with a letter informing Lukas that after some debate, they had decided to act, and had contained the source of the plague.

Lukas was relieved to hear that Andrus and the others has stopped the destruction in Old Quarter, and felt they had made the right decision in using the Elemental Wards. He then recommended that the Talismans be hidden with great care, so as to avoid another catastrophe, and to avoid the Keepers' existence from being discovered[2].


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