Although frequently involved in the Storyline and Gameplay, magic is rarely available for use by the player character, Garrett. Various spells and enchantments exist within the Thief games, but most can be grouped into the following categories:

Elemental MagicEdit

This is the primeval power of the five Greek elements (minus aether). It occurs naturally in the form of Elemental Crystals and shapeless entities, but can be manipulated by mages and skilled sorcerers. This magic forms the basis of Constantine’s power during the events of TDP/TG but is comparatively weak in its untempered state.[1]

Holy MagicEdit

Magic that is associated with either of the two established religions; capable of bestowing blessings and curses. Both priests and shaman can cast holy spells, but in TDS, they need their magic wands to do so. Sentients aligned with either faction appear to have some holy powers as well.[2][3]

Unholy MagicEdit

Little is understood about this type of magic, as it is rarely seen in action. Disasters, hauntings, and zombie infestations are often attributable to it. Unholy sorcery is performed primarily by necromancers and vengeful apparitions, although a few of the sentient artifacts may be capable of controlling it.[4]

Glyph MagicEdit

The glyphs are powerful symbols used by Keepers that have a magical effect when drawn or inscribed. These can be used to imbue objects with special properties or to enhance the capabilities of a human. Although any scribe can write in glyphs, only high ranking Keepers can activate their power. Thief: Deadly Shadows focuses on this type of magic, with the plot itself revolving around the Final Glyph.

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