...already I have been called off to some new special duty by another missive from one of the Children. I shall finish this account when I return.
  — Manus' last words

Manus, inspired by Friend Ventus' unfortunate accident, invented the Non-Slip Mat, which he installed in various locations around Markham's Isle and on board the Cetus Amicus.[1]

A worried entry in his journal can be found in the final T2 mission, Sabotage at Soulforge. Karras had called Manus to Soulforge and instructed him to collect more beggars and vagrants for transformation into Masked Servants. When questioned on this matter, Karras said that the Builder's Children did not have the dexterity that a person has. Karras, misinterpreting his words, was in a rage when Manus suggested that he simply have his followers do the required tasks, but suddenly became calm "as though some truth had just occurred to him". Manus was then sent away.[2] His suggestion doomed a number of his comrades (and probably himself) to servitude, and eventual death.


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