Markham's Isle, Formerly Starlight Cove, is a small island used by pirates and smugglers as a secret hideout and base of operations. The island was named after the legendary pirate Captain William "Dark" Markham. They left the island for some unknown reasons and the station was fallen into ruin.

The Mechanists however rebuild the outpost and enforced it with massive iron constructions. They are using the isolated island for one of their most valuable projects: the Cetus Project. They pay special attention to the underground caves and tunnels and are busy in expanding them. To accelerate the progress of mining and tunneling they are using one of their newest inventions, a steam-driven drill.

Markham's Isle is the location for the T2 mission "Precious Cargo". Garrett arrives in search of Brother Cavador only to find that he is in another location (see Kidnap).

Due to an earthquake or other disaster, parts of the underground facilities are flooded among other things the living quarters of Karras.


Markham's Isle

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