Officer Benny's spilled mead spilled the mead on the rug. Anyway, someone is on the way to clean it up, already.
  — Bartender

Mead is a wine of fermented honey and the preferred drink of many Pagans, for whom it may be the primary market for Honeysweet.[1] Although uncommon in The City, this beverage has made its way into some homes of the upper class, notably Truart Estate. The only mead ever seen in Thief is that spilled on the game room rug. It looks like translucent Crayman blood.


This is a type of spiced or seasoned mead not commonly available for purchase in the City. It has its origins in Pagan home-brewing and is therefore shunned by the local pubs.[2] As only the added spices or herbs set metheglin apart from ordinary mead, it is likely that neither are available to the common folk.


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