TDS garrett mechanical eye

Garrett's Mechanical Eye ability logo in Deadly Shadows

After losing his natural eye during the most pivotal point of The Dark Project, Garrett sees with a mechanical eye, a piece of proto-Mechanist technology given to him by the Hammerites. The mechanical eye incorporates a zoom lens.

Basic InfoEdit

TDS garrett mecheye

The Mechanical Eye (green) visible, in Deadly Shadows

TG CS14 09

In the T1/TG final cutscene



  • None to the player, but it cost Garrett:
    • his right natural eye
    • a large scar down one side of his face

Areas it can be found:

  • Nowhere. Always with Garrett after T1.

Maximum amount in inventory:

  • 1 (sufficient for constant use)

Stealth InfoEdit

  • Replaces Garrett's missing right eye; stereo vision means perception of depth and greater awareness of surroundings.
  • T2 only, interfaces with the Scouting Orbs for remote viewing.
  • TDS only, offers limited light amplification.
  • Zooms in to see sections of the surroundings in greater detail.


Garrett's mechanical eye was given to him by the Hammerites, after his natural eye was plucked out by Viktoria, consort of The Trickster (The Woodsie Lord of the Pagans). The Hammer that gave him the eye was Brother Karras, who went on to leave the Hammerites to form his own splinter group. Karras gave him the eye in the hopes that an allegiance could be formed between the two.[1]


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