Crossbow wielded by Mechanist Crossbow Guard

The Mechanist Crossbow was one of the new weapons created by the Mechanist Order. Much smaller and quicker to use then the old Bow used by Guards, it appears as the second preferred weapon of choice by Mechanists and appears to be made of Brass like much of the Mechanist tools. It is primarily wielded by Females, but Male divers also carry it, perhaps showing it's usability underwater. Like many, but not all Mechanist inventions, the Crossbow appeared to die out after the Death of Karras

Offensive informationEdit

The Crossbow delivers an average of 2-4 points, with a top damage of 9, putting it mostly on par with the Normal Bow. It's advantage came from it's speed as it could fire quicker then a normal bow, and it's distance which was greater then a normal bow, with little in the way of arching in flight.


The Crossbow has been seen being wielder by the following types:

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