Muriel Milton was the curator of Wieldstrom Museum; the most famous museum in The City. She oversaw the entire museum from display items to security measures. She was evidently quite wealthy and had a taste for Fine Wine and, of course, Fine Art. Her monocle is worth 500g, making it one of the most expensive special loot items in the game.

She was suffering from the stress of running the museum and had a viktrola in her office which plays the recording of a female voice telling the listener to "lock her troubles in a box". Amusingly, the recording skips part way through, probably adding to her stress.

Curator Milton was responsible for the new electrical barriers installed around the Sentients on display. When two thieves were killed by one of these, she proudly declared that her security upgrades had been "vindicated completely".[1]

Her relationship with Gervasius is not well understood, but he appears to have a more than friendly fondness of her.[2]


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