For other characters with the same name, see Morgan.

Morgan is a City Watch officer who works at Shoalsgate Station. He advocates the method of bribing criminals in exchange for information on their peers. In a letter to Watch Sergeant Harwin, who disagreed with this system, he argued that "the fools have begun to compete to turn each other in", often resulting in the arrest of the informants and return of the payment.[1] Harwin responded angrily that Morgan's system fails to incarcerate anything more than street urchins, giving Festil, Blackrat, and Hops as a few examples.[2]

Several complaints from someone known by the initial "N." prompted Morgan to write a letter to Lucy Walker, warning her to stop "harassing" the alchemist, Grimmad. He threatened her with arrest and confiscation of property.[3]

Previous to the T2 mission "Blackmail", Morgan was tipped off by Jabril, who had some information regarding illegal plants being smuggled through Carter's Gate.[4] The smuggler was in fact Cedar, Jabril's Pagan associate, who collected ferns from his village for sale to wealthy nobles.[5]


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