For other characters with the same name, see Morgan.

Morgan was a hunter of the undead. His journals were published, but declared anathema by the Smith-in-Exile. It follows that if it's true that the Smith-in-Exile lived during the Cataclysm, then Morgan's time would either precede or be simultaneous with that. This is corroborated by the description of Morgan as a "long-ago fighter of the undead". Morgan himself was an experienced fighter and hunter of the dead. He was well familiar with the traditional methods of dealing with them, but also referred to some alternative methods as well. The Hammerites have a long history with undead fighting and most of the City's guards are familiar with this threat, but other than Morgan there is no information for anybody else that was dedicated to gaining experience in that field. Excerpts from "The Journals of Morgan[1]" were circulated in Garrett's time as tips for dealing with the undead.


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