A frog and a...a...a...a mouse walk into a pub, see, and they both order...whisk--no ales...and....
  — Drunken Guard

Although less commonplace than their larger cousin, the Rat, mice are known to nearly everyone in The City. This creature does not appear in any Thief game and is known only as a topic of conversation.

To Ape Beasts, mice are a familiar sight. Because of the rarity of rats outside of the City, mice are the dominant vermin of the Ape Beast vernacular: Noisy thieves may be mistaken for mice, being struck with the Blackjack is compared to fighting mice,[1] and the metaphor, "The green wheat-sheaves bring on mice!" is sometimes spoken upon wounding a foe.[2][3]

A Pagan Curse involves sacrificing mice to a poison ivy patch, so that their spirits (either the mice or the ivy) will seek out those who cut down trees, driving them mad with itching.[4]


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