RTC molds

On shelf: Knob, Hilt, Lever.
On floor: Key, Gear, Holy Symbol

The MultiMold or Metal Mold is a hinged steel device used to manufacture identical copies of such items as long-handled hammers, doorknobs, sword hilts, lever handles, gears, keys, and holy symbols. First seen in the TDP/TG mission "Break from Cragscleft Prison", where one is secured to the floor in front of each of three smelting cauldrons. Three unarmed Hammerites pour molten metal into the molds and retrieve three finished hammers from them. Garrett is also able to operate these, but cannot remove the MultiMolds from their stands. In Return to the Cathedral, however, Garrett can choose from six different MultiMolds which he can use with the cauldron in St. Tennor's.

RTC tennor

A mold in use.

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