Mystic's Heart and Mystic's Soul
Special Loot
Mystic's Heart: 1000
Mystic's Soul: 500
Mystic's Heart: Halls of Echoing Repose, upper levels
Mystic's Soul: Halls of Echoing Repose, south of the Hammerite Crypts
Original Owner

The Mystic's Heart and Soul were two sister gemstones with a great reputation and potential value on the black market in The City. Several attempts had been made to steal these artifacts from the Bonehoard, but none had been successful until Garrett took them.

Before Garrett, Adolpho had entered the Bonehoard in the hopes of finding the Mystic's Soul. Unfortunately he was killed by a pressure trap while attempting to acquire fire arrows necessary to enter the room containing the soul. Marcus, from Felix's crew also hoped to find the Mystic's Soul, but was killed before he could investigate. Dranko, also a member of Felix's party, attempted to locate the more valuable Mystic's Heart. He knew that it was beyond a hall of statues, and although he found a hall of statues, it was not the one he had been seeking. Upon attempting to leave through the only exit, he realized he had become trapped by burricks below the chamber, and he eventually died there. [1]

Little is know about the gemstones' origins or characteristics. Both artifacts were quite transparent, but basically seem to be large, though ordinary gemstones. However, great precautions had been taken when building the rooms containing the artifacts, in order to keep the thieves away. There was even a Hammer Haunt guarding the Mystic's Heart. Whether the presence of a Hammer Haunt, zombies and "keeper" statues indicates the Hammers', Keepers' or Pagans' involvement in building or protecting the tombs is never revealed.


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