Necromancer's Spire
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This is a tower located in Dayport, and the residence of a necromancer known as Azaran the Cruel. Banished from the Hand Brotherhood, Azaran continued his disturbing experiments and research here.[1]

In the T2 mission "Life of the Party", Garrett can visit the spire on his way to Angelwatch. In the uppermost floor of the spire can be found the infamous Book of Ash which, when read, summons two zombies to the room. The next floor down housed some bookshelves, one of which has a secret book-switch that gives access to Azaran's private bedchamber. His skeleton is sprawled on the bed in a careless manner with a dagger at his side and a scroll, telling of his transcendence from the realm of flesh.[2] A button in the fire pit on the top floor opens a hatch to the lowest floor, which served as a laboratory of sorts.



The dead necromancer


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