Pagan Necromancer
N Shaman
First Introduced
Flees at
Primary Attack
Magical spell

  • Standard shamanic spells
  • Raises dead (not actively)

This powerful Pagan shaman can be found in a small sewer maintenance chamber close to The Shalebridge Cradle and the gate to the Docks after Garrett visits Fort Ironwood and either reads the correspondence of Brothers Severence and Archibald, or overhears the two Hammerites on the second floor. Wielding his gem-studded wand, he raises the dead in the graveyard of Fort Ironwood.

Not wanting his friend and associate, Alfred Hurley, to be interred in a barren Hammerite grave, he set out to activate the cornerstone located in the NE corner of the graveyard, but was unable to sneak past the Hammerite sentries nearby. He continues to resurrect more Zombies in order to stall the procession until, in accordance with the Pagan tradition of sacrificial composting, Alfred's remains can be made fodder for the trees and vines.[1]

Tactical InformationEdit

The necromancer is no different from an ordinary shaman, but due to restricted space and a glowing Will-o-the-Wisp, should be approached cautiously if not already on friendly terms.
The zombies re-spawn when Garrett leaves the area and returns, but may stop coming back after a few rounds. This will not allow the burial to proceed, however.

Side QuestEdit

The necromancer is part of a side quest that can be completed for the Hammerites or the Pagans. If he dies or loses his wand, the zombies will disappear (from the graveyard, not the catacombs), there will be no trace left of the Pagan presence, and Alfred's tomb will have appeared over the open grave. All notes regarding the burial disappear and a Hammerite can be found patrolling the graveyard. If left alive, Alfred's sister, Alyssa, will have left a small token, a Gold Statuette, on the grave before departing.

If the cornerstone is activated, the graveyard will be overgrown with vines and shrubs the next time Garrett enters Fort Ironwood. The tomb will be there, and a note on the table indoors will give a description of Brother Archibald's new dilemma.[2]

Due to a glitch or design flaw, however, the zombies will still be around and Alyssa will be moping in front of the statue that has taken the place of Alfred's coffin. If Garrett has encountered him before shooting the cornerstone, the necromancer and his journal and silver coins will all disappear, as well as the wisp and the Pagan icon. Yet his valuable wand will remain, hovering in mid air. The best solution is simply to "steal" the abandoned wand immediately after leaving Fort Ironwood, thus winning the favor of both Hammerites and Pagans. This will also get rid of Alyssa and the zombies.


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