TG B10 04

A Novice's Pass

These are the credentials given to novices transferred to the Hammer Temple in Downtowne. They allow access to all areas except those with the red inverted hammer by the door. Garrett, disguised, needs to present these to the guard at the front gate in order to gain entry in the TDP/TG mission "Undercover".[1] Approved by High Priest Markander and signed by Brother Sachelman, the document states that the bearer is fully trained and has taken an oath of silence for the duration of his stay at the temple.[2]


As approved by his Eminence, the High Priest Markander, we deliver unto you this

Novice, under the standard agreement of service. The Novice is sent with full status and

training as such, and should serve with humility and vigor to the best of his skills. He

will endure a standard three-year contract of service, at the end of which he will be

considered for indoctrination as an Elevated Acolyte.

The novice has been instructed in the rules and strictures of the Order, has sworn his

warrants to be silent in his vigils, and knows to maintain the marked privacies (as

indicated by the standard inverted red hammer sigil).

Please remit periodic evaluations of his conduct, as warranted or at six-month intervals.

May the Hammer fall on the unrighteous.


Brother Sachelman


  1. use_hallpass: "A genuine letter of introduction for a Hammerite novice, this should get you past the guard at the gate."
  2. M10HallPass