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Randy Smith
Official Mission
(11th mission in TDP)
(14th mission in Thief Gold)
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Total Loot
1980 + previous mission's loot
Since you left us, you've been a stone rolling downhill. Now you must aim this remarkable momentum. It is past time for the balance to shift.

Escape! is the eleventh mission in Thief: The Dark Project and the fourteenth in Thief Gold. After being double-crossed and left for dead by Constantine and Viktoria, Garrett must make his way out of Constantine's mansion and warn the Hammerites.

Mission BackgroundEdit

Garrett is awakened by two Keepers who have found him and are cutting him free of the vines. One says "Since you left us, you have been a stone rolling down hill. Now you must aim this remarkable momentum. It is passed time for the balance to shift". The Keepers then leave quickly at the sound of something nearby. This briefing is of interest as a turning point in the narrative and is marked by narrowing the gap between Garrett the character and the player. Garrett at this point is no better informed about what awaits than the player and fittingly most of the art in the briefing presents Garrett's point of view as he is awoken by the Keepers.

The mission begins in the strange chapel-like building from the garden in Constantine's mansion. However, the main doors are locked, the only exit being a side door that leads down into the caverns of maroon rock that make up most of the mission. The caverns are almost as maze-like as Constantine's mansion, replete with flickering lights, gravity defying water and trees growing far from light. Here players find a menagerie of beasts: armed talking monkeys, giant praying mantis creatures, exploding frogs, fire elementals, and plenty of giant spiders. Players must find the equipment to survive and a way back to the surface. It is in this mission that players find clues to the "Dark Project" itself.


  • If you want to survive, you'll have to get out of here.
  • Get your stuff back. (Hard/Expert)
  • Constantine wouldn't have put you through all this if he didn't have some serious plans for the Eye. You'd better find out what. (Expert)

Starting GearEdit

  • Constantine's Sword

Characters present in the MissionEdit

Type Count Notes
Normal Hard Expert
Ape Beasts 24 25 25 1 less in the mansion area on Normal.
Bugbeast 7 8 8 1 less guarding the notes about the Dark Project on Normal.
Green Spiders 7 10 11
Fire Elemental 1 2 2
Frogbeast 8 8 8

Difficulty AlterationsEdit

Apart from the change in the beasts' numbers there is a ton of smaller changes affecting the items found around the mission, depending on the difficulty setting. There are 4 Gas Arrows missing on Hard and 7 missing on Expert, a Flash Bomb missing on Expert, 4 Fire Arrows missing on Hard and 9 on Expert, 3 Moss Arrows missing on Hard and 6 on Expert, 3 Healing Fruits missing on Hard and 6 on Expert, 7 Water Arrows missing on Hard and 12 on Expert, two stacks of Broadhead Arrows missing on Hard and 4 on Expert,one Mine missing on Normal and two Mines on Expert, one Gas Mine missing on Hard and two on Expert, a Healing Potion missing on Hard and Expert, and one more Rope Arrow on Expert.

In addition the ambient noises, around the balcony with the torch and goodies near the beginning; and some other places, will be different depending on the difficulty setting. On the same balcony, a Mine will change its position and the Broadhead Arrows' stack will give you 20 arrows on Normal, 12 on Hard and 6 on Expert. Another stack of mines will give 2 on Hard and 1 on Expert. One of the Flash Bomb stacks appears in a different room. A stack of Rope Arrows will give 2 on Normal and Hard and 1 on Expert. Another stack is placed in different rooms. Also the purse with your score from the previous mission (Thief Gold only) is placed in different spots on each difficulty setting.

Thief: The Dark Project vs Thief GoldEdit

In The Dark Project you can get a purse with 275 gold in it, which is placed in different rooms depending on your difficulty setting. In Thief Gold the same purse contains the amount of loot you were able to get from the previous mission.


Keeper's Chapel

Loot ListEdit

There is a total of 1980 loot in this mission (excluding the loot from the previous mission, or the 275 from the loot purse) where 1250 is in gold, 600 in gems and 130 in goods.

Keeper's Chapel