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(12th mission in campaign)
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1311 + previous mission's loot

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Sometimes it's the smallest leak that makes the biggest difference.

Kidnap is the twelfth mission in Thief II: The Metal Age. After arriving at the KD Site via the Cetus Amicus, Garrett must locate and kidnap Brother Cavador to learn more about Karras's plans.


The Cetus Amicus travels to the mysterious KD site where Cavador is located. As it turns out, the KD site is in fact Karath-din, the lost city of the Precursor civilization that Garrett had once visited to collect the Talisman of Fire (and the Talisman of Water in Thief: The Dark Project), but the Mechanists have made extensive changes to the city in order to make it somewhat easier to navigate. Garrett eventually tracks down Cavador, knocks him out, leaves the lost city via the Keeper entrance he used in the past, and brings him back to Viktoria for questioning.


  • Kidnap Brother Cavador.
  • Don't let Brother Cavador die.
  • Find and read a sample of Karras' New Scripture.
  • Don't kill anyone.

Later objectives :

  • Since you've been to the Lost City before, you know there's another route out. Use it to leave.
  • Find Cavadors diary.
  • Find the missing drill.


Loot ListEdit

Keep in mind that there are some mistakes on the map below. The diamond drill and the diamond at the site 9 (not marked on the map) will give 200 gems total, not 150. And the total amount of goods is 300, not 210.

The total amount of available loot is 1627 + 1311 (from the previous mission) = 2938.


  • At Site 4, entering from the north, go straight to the second tomb on the left. It should have a lever on the side in an "alley". Area contains 1 Flash Mine and 1 Scouting Orb.

Easter EggsEdit

At Site 6, there is a statue of Cthulhu.


  • In Site 5 there is a room with lava that you can swim in, though it serves no practical purpose.
  • Supposedly 50 loot is stuck in the ground, thus being unavailable.
  • You can lure a patrolling Mechanist into the secret room in Site 4 and then shut the door behind him/her but, even though there is no switch on the inside, he/she can still open the door from inside.