Precious Cargo
T2 B14 06
Designed by
Emil Pagliarulo
Official Mission
(11th mission in campaign)
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If I were Cavador, where would I be?

Precious Cargo is the eleventh mission in Thief II: The Metal Age. After breaking into Angelwatch and gathering information on Karras's plans, Garrett sets out to Markham's Isle to track down Brother Cavador, the Mechanist in charge of the Cetus Project.


From reading The New Scripture of The Master Builder and listening to the recordings, Garrett has learned that Karras is giving the Servants as gifts to the nobles. The schematics that Garrett stole from Karras's office confirm Viktoria's presumption that Markham's Isle is the staging area for the Cetus Project, but turn out to be too technical to decipher. With the reference name "Brother Cavador" as the project leader as only lead, Garrett has to find him. At the same time, Viktoria hopes that Garrett can locate Lotus, her missing agent on Markham's Isle. Garrett investigates the island and discovers a large underground complex beneath the lighthouse that must be related to the Cetus Project.

On Markham's Isle, Garrett finds Lotus locked in a large cold room. Lotus passes on his information to Garrett and then begs him to end his pain. Garrett eventually discovers that the Cetus Project is in fact a large submarine named Cetus Amicus. With Brother Cavador nowhere in sight, Garrett decides that stowing aboard the Cetus Amicus is the best way to find him.


  • Kidnap Cavador
  • Find Lotus
  • Read another passage from the New Scripture of the Master Builder
  • Find the old Lighthouse Keeper's Navigation Globe
  • Find Markham's Treasure
  • Don't kill any Mechanists



Loot ListEdit



Secret 1 Lever on floor in attic of old house reveals wallspace with goodies below.


  • Most missions on Expert difficulty feature an objective preventing you from killing anyone. In Precious Cargo, this objective is changed to "Don't kill any Mechanists" to allow the player to carry out Lotus' last request.