The true nature of Karras' scheme has been revealed: he has installed a Cultivator in the mask of each servant placed in the homes of the wealthy, especially those with extensive gardens. When Karras gives a beacon signal from Soulforge Cathedral, the servants will release a 'Rust Gas' that both kills and feeds off of organic matter; a chain reaction will begin, multiplying the volume of gas, finally consuming the whole City and destroying all life, bringing about Karras' dream of a world of machinery; Karras, in order to survive the planned destruction and as a result of his ever increasing repulsion by organic life, has sealed himself into an impregnable control room deep within the cathedral. Viktoria suggests that Garrett can break into Soulforge, activate the guiding beacon and order the servants back to the air-tight cathedral before the gas release, backfiring the plan on Karras when he is residing safe in Soulforge. Garrett, however, believes that her plan is suicide and refuses. Later, though, he encounters Artemus, who tells Garrett that Viktoria has begun an assault on Soulforge anyway. He rushes to Viktoria's aid but she is being attacked by mechanical beasts. Realizing that there is not enough plant life in the cathedral to sustain the chain reaction, Viktoria sacrifices herself, filling the whole cathedral with large vines. Garrett attempts to carry out her plan and avenge her death.


Post MissionEdit


Karras gives the signal for the servants to begin releasing the Rust Gas, only to discover that they have returned to the cathedral. It is too late to stop them, and the chamber quickly fills with gas, killing him and causing all the mechanical beasts to malfunction.


Loot ListEdit


Easter EggsEdit

  • If you place a combat bot body and steel plate in the Rolling Machine in Bay A, push the button, and repeat the process 5 times, you will receive a scroll of quotes from the developers.


  • The first time you see Karras in game (non-cutscene) is in this mission although he is unreachable he will talk to you through a gridded window in plain sight of each other.
  • This mission has more robots than any other level.

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