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Loot ListEdit

Day 1:Edit

Wicket’s Room
Ruby Goblet: 100g, on desk.

Female Tennant’s Room
Jade Goblet: 75g, on mantle.

Male Tennant’s Room
Copper Candlestick: 25g, (x2) on mantle.

Day 2:Edit

Wicket’s Room
Cat Statuette: 100g, on mantle.

Day 3:Edit

Wicket’s Room
Purse of Coins: 50g, shelf above desk.

Day 4:Edit

Wicket’s Room
Jade Goblet: 75g, on mantle.

Day 5:Edit

Garrett’s Suite
Vintage Wine: 150g, on bedroom dresser.

Wicket’s Room
Copper Candlestick: 25g, shelves near door.

Day 6:Edit

Wicket’s Room
Gold Bowl: 125g, shelf above desk.

Day 7:Edit

Wicket’s Room
Copper Coins: 25g, (x2) on desk.

Day 8:Edit

Day 9:Edit

Day 1-9Edit


Easter EggsEdit


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